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Empowering Students - Digital Learning Anywhere - Onfire's digital flexibility is the answer to evolving school schedules and instructional plans. OnFire LMS and digital content provides the technology and support to implement your learning model. The platform meets the learning needs of every teacher and student-from fully online options to blended classrooms and personalized learning. We customize a delivery model that fits your school needs.

Empowering Teachers - Personalized Learning for Each Student - Utilize our pre-loaded standards based curriculum as is, customize and edit as needed or create new courses with ease. Onfire allows teachers to address the interests and learning styles of each student. OnFire makes it simple to deliver content, view student's progress, assess their needs, adapt instruction and provide support as needed. Information concerning student progress allows teachers to make data-driven decisions to differentiate instruction for each student. Teachers can also issue a final grade directly from their dashboard.


I created the marketing material that was used to sell the program and leave with potential schools. Marketing handouts, such as brochures or flyers, are physical objects that people can touch and hold. This tangible nature can create a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers and can help them remember your brand. The information I put together provided detailed information about OnFire, which was vital for the schools to understand the value that OnFire provided. My visuals helped build trust and credibility with our schools.


I was the lead UX/UX dev on the OnFire project. Collecting and processing the needs of the adminitration, the teachers and the students was a heavy and rewarding process. The program gained national tracction as an easy to use and intuitive platform for remote learning.

Introduction and Navigation Overview

The OnFire platform, with its user-friendly design, is simple and easy to navigate, making your daily tasks as a teacher that much easier. This video will give you an introduction to the overall layout of the OnFire platform, how it functions, and the tasks and information you will have access to as administrators and teachers.

Student Overview of Platform

With its flexibility, designed to enhance personalized learning, the OnFire platform enables you as a teacher to set up your course your way and gives you unique features for managing your digital classroom and differentiating content for your students. This video will go over some of the basic set up and features available to you.

Student Progress User Profile

One of the key components for student success is accurately assessing and addressing a student's needs. The OnFire platform gives teachers access to real-time, individualized data that will enable them to address the needs of the student and to encourage lifelong success. This video gives an overview of one of the methods to view specific, detailed information about each of your students.


"I became a teacher so I could grade all of the homework," said no teacher. Fortunately, with the OnFire platform, all necessary grading is contained in one place in order to make grading easy, fast, and seamless. This short video will show you what you need to know about grading on the OnFire platform.